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About the Event

As lead counsel in the lawsuit against BP, Brent Coon & Associates hosted a very special presentation examining the progress and promises made since the explosion at the British Petroleum Texas City Plant on March 23, 2005 that left 15 people dead. The event marked the five year anniversary of the explosion and included key recipients of the $44 million in charitable donations, union leaders directing the safety negotiations, regulatory agency officials, worker’s safety activists and victim’s family members.

This event marked the culmination of BCA’s collective research effort aimed at determining what safety measures have been enacted, where BP’s safety conditions and procedures currently stand, whose lives have been improved, what advances have been made as a result of the charitable contributions, and how the victims have adjusted with the loss of their loved ones.

The ceremony was well attended by members of the media and those affected by the explosion, ensuing litigation and the far reaching effects of the settlement. The ceremony was also broadcast online to hundreds of interested parties across the nation.


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