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Brent Coon & Associates

Mission Statement

We are here to remember and honor the 15 people who tragically lost their life and the many others whose lives were forever changed as a result of the March 23rd, 2005 BP Texas City plant explosion.

We are here to remember commitments made by many of us five years ago. For BCA, it was promises to our clients to be aggressive and thorough in discovering the root causes of this tragedy. Promises to the general public to disclose all the results of our independent investigations. Promises of spreading awareness in order to improve safety conditions for all industrial plants so that tragedies such as this may be prevented in the future. For the USW and safety organizations, it was a promise to work with the industry to use this information to make petrochemical facilities a safer place to work. For enforcement agencies, it was to tighten regulatory mandates and improve oversight. For the judiciary, it was to ensure that all parties to the litigation receive justice. And for all of us, it was to leave this tragedy with lessons learned and make sure they are never forgotten.

On the fifth year anniversary of the Texas City plant explosion, we came together to commemorate those who lost their life and take a look back at what progress has been made. These promises and the calls for action that followed, for all the lives that were touched, will never be broken.

Brent Coon
Founder – Brent Coon & Associates

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