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Fifteen Precious Butterflies

In remembrance of the 15 workers who lost their life on the March 23rd, 2005, Texas City Plant Explosion, we have designed a memorial plaque to be dedicated to Texas City on behalf of everyone who has been affected by this tragedy. The plaque is centered around a poem entitled “Fifteen Precious Butterflies”, written by Texas City resident and author Jill Eisnaugle to commemorate the victims of the explosion. We are currently in discussions with the Texas City Mayor’s Office about an appropriate place and time to dedicate the plaque so that the local community and all of those affected will have a permanent memorial to those who lost their life in that tragic event. Updates on the dedication will be released on this site as they unfold.

Fifteen Precious Butterflies
Fifteen precious butterflies
Flew softly on the breeze
Far from their earthen sacrifice
To find their souls at ease
Resting within the vibrant beams
Of Heaven’s light, divine
Where true shall be, their every dream
To last throughout all time.

While here on earth, we mourn and pray
For the butterflies we knew
We know that we shall meet one day
Beyond the skies of blue
So, through our sadness and our grief
We’ll pass this somber test
Knowing that we shall find relief
Within His Righteousness.

Fifteen precious butterflies
From this world flew away
Far from their earthen sacrifice
Yet in our hearts, they’ll stay
Until we meet once more, at Home
In memories, we shall behold
The fifteen precious butterflies
Whose wings are now pure gold.

Written March 19, 2006 for the year anniversary; edited March 22, 2010 for the 5 year anniversary.

© 2005 – Jill Eisnaugle’s Poetry Collection

Jill Eisnaugle, the author of “Fifteen Precious Butterflies,” wrote a new poem specifically for the Five Year Anniversary. The poem, “In Our Prayers,” can be read below.

In Our Prayers

Five years ago, we said goodbye
To fifteen of our own
And while we stop to question why
We know we’re not alone
These angels were neighbors on earth
Who gave all they could bear
And for that, we shall give them worth
Forever in our prayers.

Five years ago, we stood in tears
We bowed our heads and paused
For those who gave so many years
To the plant and its cause
When we look now, upon the blue
We cannot help but stare
In honor of the friends we knew
Held always in our prayers.

Five years ago, we said goodbye
To fifteen valiant souls
Whose spirits are now flying high
Within the Lord’s Control
These angels left their legacy
For all of us to share
And so, we’ll hold their memory
Forever in our prayers.

Written March 19, 2006 for the year anniversary; edited March 22, 2010 for the 5 year anniversary.
©2010 – Jill Eisnaugle’s Poetry Collection

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