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"10 Vital Questions"

Q2: BP’s Executive Leadership
Question: What happened to the BP people involved? Where have these six and seven figured executives gone after receiving their golden parachutes and secretive exits? Responsible for the lack of oversight leading to the BP tragedy, what are they now saying about that fateful day in March of 2005?

David Senko – Manager of Construction, Jacobs/J.E. Merit

Lord John Browne has moved on to greener pastures. So has many of the top brass that oversaw the ISOM unit, the plant and the corporate underpinnings that held together the machine that was BP in 2005 – Leaving under the veil of night, many of these executives it appears were not penalized for their arrogance and disregard to human life, but rather, rewarded with elaborate exit bonus and cushy new jobs.

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