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"10 Vital Questions"

Q4: The United Steel Workers and key unions
Question: The United Steel Workers created a key list of 10 safety points to be used in negotiations of process safety platform throughout the BP TCE Refinery. Was this accomplished and how did the negotiations go? What changes were implemented at the BP TCE Refinery, at other SE Texas Plants as a result? What other efforts using the lessons learned have been implemented?

Jim Lefton
Sub Director, Sub District 1
District 13
USW International Union

These changes come from a new leadership team which is working to improve the relationship with the USW and implementation of the “10 point plan”.

Coming out of the 2005 settlement agreement, 550 abatement actions have been completed.

In light of the recent OSHA citations, BP has developed an aggressive three year plan to address the issues presented in the citations. As with every OSHA citation, the goal is to create a safer workplace. BPTC has an accelerated schedule in place to review and mitigate any issues found with the relief safety system designs. These systems are currently in review and a number of process units are completed both in relief system design analysis and relief device revalidation.

BPTC has committed to working to become an industry leader in health and safety in the refining business. They have committed to reaching an agreement with OSHA that will mitigate the hazards identified in the citations and work with OSHA to maintain compliance with the standards. This would include future consultation visits with OSHA where questions are asked and answered that allow the company to be proactive in their goal to maintain their facility in a safe operating manner.


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